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I am a faculty member in the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU). My research interests are Machine Learning for Data Science with application to a variety of Big Data Analytics tasks across multiple domains, including multimedia retrieval, web search and mining, social media, computer vision and pattern recognition, computational finance, cyber security, bioinformatics, mobile and software mining, etc.

PHD, Postdoc and Research Assistant Opening: I am recruiting talented PHD and research staff for doing exciting and cutting-edge research in the intersections of fundamental machine learning methodologies and real-world big data applications. Interested applicants please send your CV to my email: chhoi_AT_smu.edu.sg

Research Highlights

LIBOL - A Library for Online Learning Algorithms

LIBOL is an open-source machine learning library that implements a large family of classical and state-of-the-art online learning algorithms for solving large-scale machine learning tasks towards a variety of emerging big data mining applications.

OLPS - On-Line Portfolio Selection

OLPS is a research project that aims to study intelligent on-line portfolio selection strategies in computational finance by exploring a family of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

SBFA - Search Based Face Annotation

SBFA is a research project that aims to tackle automated face annotation tasks by searching and mining billions of weakly labeled facial images freely available on the internet by leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

SIRE - Social Image Retrieval Engine

SIRE is an R&D project that aims to index and search over billions of social images on the internet by exploring a family of state-of-the-art multimedia information retrieval, social media, data mining and machine learning techniques.

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Professional Services

Assciate Editor in Chief of Neurocomputing Journal (Elsevier Impact Factor of 2013 = 2.005)
Associate/Guest Editors: Neurocomputing, Machine Learning, ACM TIST, IEEE SPL, etc.
Senior PC/Area Chair/PC: ACML2014, KDD2014, ICML2014, NIPS2014, MM2014, ICME2014, AAAI2014, CIKM2014, SDM2013, ICMR2013, etc.
Program Co-Chair: ACML 2012 Area Chairs: ACM Mutimedia 2012 Video Co-Chair:KDD2012

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Call For Papers

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Job Opportunities

Postdoc/RA Positions Available: Machine Learning for a variety of Big Data Analytics applications

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