Terms of Releasing Datasets and Implementation

We are happy to release our datasets and source codes so that peer researchers can reconstruct the experimental results our papers. Furthermore, we would be very delighted if our testbed and implementation would be beneficial to the community for developing new techniques and algorithms.


All rights of the datasets and implementation are reserved by the authors. The datasets and source codes are owned by the universities they serve.


The datasets and source codes are free only for non-commercial use. They must not be distributed without prior permission of the author. The author is not responsible for implications from the use of them. If you use either the datasets or the code in your scientific work, please kindly cite our related papers.

Bug Reports

If you find bugs for the codes/datasets, please feel free to contact us.

About Asking Questions

Please be reminded that all the datasets & source codes are released as the way they are. We would be delighted if you could use the datasets in your research and understand the  implementation, and adapt it for your own purposes. If you cannot understand it, please kindly write your own codes. Our codes should be regarded as "freeware", for which the authors do not hold any responsibility. Emails soliciting explanation may be ignored.

Finally, we would like to thank researchers in the community for their understanding, and sincerely hope our work would be beneficial to others.